Complete Product Development Cycle
Design & Functional Testing
Custom SOMs for Specific Applications
Design for Compliance for Telecom markets and lab interactions for industry certifications, etc
EMI/EMC, Safety (like UL) Pre compliance and Certification experience
Product designing and re-engineering
Design for Environmental safety requirement like RoHS/WEEE, etc
Supply Chain & Obsolescence Management
Product Cost Optimisations

Recent Experience

Allwinner ARM processor based tablet form factor boards
Broadcom based NIC boards
PLXTech PCIe switch based interface boards
TI MSP based remote monitoring systems using GPRS, Zigbee, etc
PIC based remote management embedded products
Current loop based control systems and system implementions
Protocol converters
Intel Atom® based embedded motherboards
TI Sitara Processor based embedded controllers with Display interfaces
Freescale iMX55 based embedded Audio recording on cloud products
FPGA based designs